Tria shelves

Create your own customized modular shelving

When choosing furniture for a space, whether at home, in a shop or at the office, we like to have unique pieces adapted to our requirements. The Tria modular shelves give you this freedom: create your custom shelving, deciding the composition, finishes, colors and a long list of other features.

The storage system, designed in 1978 by Massana and Tremoleda, is available in several formats: wall shelves, stand-up shelves and shelves with work tables.

Given its versatility, you can place your Tria custom shelving in any room, in the living room, the kitchen, a dressing room, the office or a bedroom. Choose the number of shelves, materials, colors and dimensions to get a custom quality furniture. You can also explore our proposals section where you will find Tria shelves already configured.

  • Modular system

    Create your custom shelf, adapted to any space. The Tria storage system offers you endless possibilities.

  • Timeless design

    Created in 1978, the Tria shelf presents a unique style. Combine colors and finishes to your liking.

  • Functional storage

    Great distribution and storage possibilities. A shelf that combines functionality and design.

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