Cookie policy

In our website, we have the use of cookies. Cookies are small text archives created in the websites you visit, which contain login data, and can be of further use in the same website. The website keeps your information on the inner sites through these data, also allowing it to analyse the way of site interaction. creates and uses cookies, and some of them are "external cookies", which are created in our website by external sources. These cookies keep record of each one of your visits and purchases when surfing on our website,  they also keep record of the customer's data, showing you the suitable content according to your surfing habits and choices.
They also help us understanding the customers' patterns when surfing in our website, therefore we can improve your experience when visiting our site.
Generally speaking, cookies store only anonymous and encrypted text data. is not able to store any personal information through its cookies.
Cookies are safe because they only store the information supplied by the browser when the user is signing in, in other words, it is the information the customer entered when logged in the browser, or the entered data in the application page. The code cannot be implemented, and cannot be used to access into your computer. If a website encrypts the cookies' data, this same website is the only one able to decrypt that information. Login cookies contain and use data during the current browser session. These cookies are automatically deleted after you log out your browser. Your computer does not keep data after you sign out the website.
Persistent cookies are used to store the information provided when logging in and out the website. Through these data, the websites "can" detect you are a regular customer providing you the suitable interest information. Persistent cookies are an undetermined asset, in terms of time.
The website uses cookies in order to keep the session on when you are surfing, collecting information of your purchases and buying patterns when you log in. They are used to show you relevant products in your future visits.
Using Google and Adobe Web Analytics tools and cookies data, we can track our customers' interaction with our website. This gives us a clue of what our customers like more, and is an improvement tool of our website, and the products and services we offer in it. The application we use for information source is Google Analytics:
Google has created this tool, which provides us our website community's analysis service. Google can use these data in order to improve their own services and to offer services to other companies. You can learn about these uses from the specified links. This tool does not obtain the information from the user names and surnames, nor the postal address from where they are logging in. The information obtained is linked with the number of visited websites, the users' social network updates, the users' IP assignment city location access, the number of visit users, the regular rate and timing visits, the users' browsers, and the visits' operator and terminal.
We work in partnership with external cookies creators, that are further used by other websites in order to create adequate adverts, according to the users' browsing history. These cookies do not store personal data, and enable other websites to detect these interests, entirely based on the browsing history.
All the Internet browsers have the option of restricting and disabling cookies in the same browser option settings. Each browser has different settings, you can find the user guidelines in your browser help menu.
You can find and conveniently delete your computer's cookies when surfing your browser. Cookies are text archives, you can open and read their content. The inner data are almost always encrypted by a numerical code matching an Internet session.
The cookies' disablement will impact the tracking over your website browsing, but it won't stop Google Analytics code when itdoes your visit's identification.
This website session cookies contain the web service's hardware used data, the one that is processing your session, your authentication status -at the on-line store customers' database- and your purchases' details.
Duty of information: The second caption of the article 22 of LSSI, states that clear and complete information about the use of data storage and recovery devices must be given to the users, and specially, about the final use of the data, as the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December, of Protection of Personal Data.
Thus, the information about cookies, provided when consentment is sollicited, it must be adequately completed, in order to enable the users to undesrtand their final use and the reason why there were installed.
In case a user gives his/her consent for the use of cookies, the information about the consentment rescind and the cookies deletion, must be available in a permanent and accessible way.
All the Internet browsers have the option of restricting and disabling cookies in the same browser option settings. Each browser has different settings, you can find the user guidelines in your browser help menu.